Episode 92: Party Onesie

January 17, 2018

Join the guys today as they talk about weekend shenanigans ! It's Episode 92!


Episode 91: Bar Trolls

January 12, 2018

Join the guys as they talk about the weather, bar trolls, top five places to get shanked, and swinger party mondays! It's episode 91 folks!


Episode 90: Emo Off

January 3, 2018

Join the guys as they talk about TRL, Freaknik, and the hilariousness of early 2000's emo music! It's episode 90!!!


Episode 89: The Mr. Rogers Dilemma

December 26, 2017

Happy Chrimhanukawnzavus! Join the guys as they talk about Christmas, Batman in Candly the movie, Dr. Sues, and being accidently drunk. It's episode 89!


Episode 88: I prefer to be in Trig

December 20, 2017

Join the guys as they talk about creepy hotels, Bgi Brother, addressing the sexual harrasment allegations, and testical selling. Its Episode 88! 


Episode 87: Hybrid-stache

December 13, 2017

Join the guys along with special guest Dante and pop in guest Greg as they talk about roads, grilled cheese, and a little bit of politics thrown in, come for the comedy stay for Dante's saltiness towards current politics! It's Episode 87!


Episode 86: The Saltsgiving

December 6, 2017

Join the guys as they weird court cases, uber and lyft struggles, and salt. It's Episode 86 with quick cameo by Dante!


Episode 85: Wash Away The Butt

November 29, 2017

Join the guys this week as the discuss 10 million dollor blowjobs, eels and things not to do with them when you're drunk, and the dark depths of the internet. It's Episode 85!


Episode 84: Smart Dumb People

November 22, 2017

Join the guys as they talk about cars and Marcus's misfortune with them, people who seem smart but sometimes not so much, documentaries, and much more! It's Episode 84!


Episode 83: Bop It Sex Party

November 15, 2017

Join the guys as they talk about swinger parties, bop-its, they get inslightful!