Episode 104: The Madden Sode

April 18, 2018

Join the guys, as tey talk about taxes, trophy talents, and john madden! i


Episode 103: The Guys Talk

April 11, 2018

The guys talk about being a little late for a special, a little anime talk, and remember old shows. It's episode 103


Episode 102: Worlds Burglar Alarm

April 3, 2018

Join the guys as they talk about the differences of drinks, lord of the rings, and dogs! It's episode 102!


Episode 101: Splenda Daddy

March 28, 2018

Join the guys as they talk about the winter/spring snow storm Toby, those folks who aren't exactly sugar daddy's, and though a bit delayed stories of St.Patrick Day's weekend! It's episode 101! 


Episode 100: The Wedding Bracket!

March 21, 2018

It's trophytuesday and also episode 100! HOLY HELL! How have you folks stuck with us so long? Regardless we love that you have! So join the guys as they talk about weddings, An R. Kelly, weird scams, ande Tour with Townies! It's Episode 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Episode 99: Everyone has off days

March 7, 2018

Join the guys this week as they sprinkle just a dash of the weird talk about hitchhikers, astetics vs fuctiionality, and those days where you just don't live up to expectations. It's episode 99!


Episode 98: Machine Whisperers

February 28, 2018

Join the guys as they talk about fighting people naked, challenges of a fax,stealing cups, sneaking food into the movies, and the joy of crustables! It's episode 98!!!! 


Episode 97: Ramen Daddy and Other Bad Petnames

February 21, 2018

It's Trophy Tuesday! Join the guys plus special guess Matt for a brand new episode as they touch on the recent high school tragedy, they talk about music videos, free food, and wrestling. It's Episode 97!


Episode 96: Olympic Tea-Bagging

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day! Join the guys as they talk about free food, weird kinks, and the holidays! It's Episode 96! 


Episode 95: Marcus gets dumped struck

February 7, 2018

Join the guys as they talk about fighting radiators, the mood swings of the weather, and weird hobbies? It's Episode 95!!!